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    Technology that redefines performance, recovery, and comfort


    dhamaINNOVATIONS - Revolutionizing intelligent heating and cooling wearable for enhancing thermal comfort, performance, recovery and pain relief.


    Instant temperature controlled wearables you'd have to feel to believe

  • Revolutionizing Thermal Comfort

    Our powerful patented Climacon® technology is the core of our myriad range of temperature controlled wearables designed to

    improve performance,

    help you recover faster,


    provide comfort

    whether you are in a car, playing a sport, traveling in inclement weather, working under high heat and stress, or going through period pain.



    dhama's temperature controlled wearables are designed for optimum comfort in hot or cold weather. Switching from carefully chosen cozy warmth to soothing cool in a matter of seconds, they are the ideal companions to let you enjoy work, game, and life, no matter what the weatherman says.

    No more shivering.


    Dhama's patented state-of-art technology and innovative, research-backed design create unique products to help you perform better in any form of physical exercise or in any high heat stress situation. By accelerating the body’s natural thermal regulation mechanisms, Dhama products effectively pump heat out of the body to help reduce core temperature, boost recovery and increase power and endurance.

    Stop when you want to, not because you have to.

    Dhama's pronto pain relief products use specific, recommended temperatures of either heating or cooling, or the very effective alternate heat/cool therapy system, to enhance relief in acute or chronic joint pain in the knee, back, shoulder etc.

    Period pain can be nearly instantly kept at bay with the new dhamaEVE.

    Guaranteed no side effects. Only blissful relief.


  • Climacon




    US PATENT : 8397518


    Patented Climacon technology. How can something this lightweight be this powerful?


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  • Helmet

    Protection and comfort

    Pronto Pain Relief

    Instant pain relieff

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