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    A pioneer in portable thermal comfort wellness solutions.

  • Dhama Innovations temperature controlled wearable provide optimum comfort in hot or cold weather to let you enjoy work, game and life. Dhama Innovations develops specific thermal comfort solutions for your specific needs and activities. whether you are relaxing, working, training or driving.

    No more shivering
    No more sweating


    Dhama Innovations uses patented state-of-art technologies to comfort you and make you perform better. By accelerating the body’s natural thermal comfort mechanisms, Dhama Innovations products pump heat in or out of body to relax the core, recover quick and increase power and endurance

    Dhama Innovations provide the optimized recommended heat or coolness soutions to boost recovery in acute or chronic joint pain on knee, back , shoulder etc., and period pain, menopause in women.






    US PATENT : 8397518

    The first ever cooling wristband that helps you cool down faster, recover sooner and perform better.





    US PATENT : 9272647

    The first ever temperature controlled seat cover that helps you relax while driving.






    US PATENT : 8397518

    The first wristband to provide instant cooling relief to hot flashes and night sweats caused by Menopause.





    The first waistband to provide heat and pulse therapy for period pain relief.















    Dhama Innovations envisions better quality of life for all and is continuously bringing needful

    ideas to reality everyday














    US PATENT : 8397518



    User-controllable temperatures between 38°F(4°C) to 140°F(60°C) at the touch of a button





    WINNER at the 2013 Innovative HME Retail Product Awards presented by Medtrade in ORLANDO, Fla.

    International CES,


    Second Place

    MIT TR 35 – ‘Innovator of the Year 2010′
    Technology Review Magazine,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    ‘Top 200 Most Promising Technology Companies’ on the Globe

    Red Herring, 2009

    Lockheed Martin Innovators’ Competition,

    Gold Medalist


    India Innovation Pioneers’ challenge, Champion of Champions’, 2008
    First Prize

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