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    The first ever cooling wristband that helps you cool down faster, recover sooner and perform better

    The first ever cooling wristband that helps you cool down faster, recover sooner and perform better




    • Instant cooling;

    • 15% increase in average performance;

    • Accelerates recovery;

    • Reduces fatigue;

    • 10% more calories burnt;​

    • Prevents muscle injuries;

    • Easy to use;

    • Clean thermoelectric technology;

    • Three-level cooling for individual comfort

  • Trials and Tests

    The dhamaSPORT Pro's off the charts performance has been independently tested in rigorous clinical trials and tests in various environmental conditions in the


    Korey Stringer Institute, USA,


    and the Skidmore College, USA 


    among others. They show that the dhamaSPORT lowers core body temperature, a breakthrough in the field of heat stress management.

    All these benefits have been experienced by top athletes, including key athletes in the U.S. track and field team for the Rio Olympics 2016,

    and have been independently clinically verified by the


    Army Sports Institute, India.

  • Don't just measure your performance, Impact it!


    DhamaSPORT Pro works by pulling heat from the wrist and

    dissipating it into the atmosphere at a much higher rate than

    the body, greatly reducing the load on the body.


    In response,

    Peak power max shoots up by as much as 18.7%,

    the VO2 max average gain becomes 3.68%,

    and calorie burn increases by up to 10%.

  • dhamaSPORT acts as an extension to the body's natural thermoregulation. It pulls excess heat faster and more efficiently from the wrist, the body's natural quick cooling point, accelerating cooling significantly, causing an immediate drop in core body temperature. This reduces thermal stress and delays muscle fatigue, improves performance and facilitates recovery

  • Raise your Potential


    Up to 3.06% Average power gain

    Outperform Yourself




  • Break plateaus and personal bests

    With dhamaSPORT, you can do activities ranging from light outdoor walks through strength training, gyms, extreme sports like marathons and Crossfit

    In addition to achieving your goals and exceeding your targets, Using dhamaSPORT consistently can cause considerable improvement in overall performance by decreasing downtime between workouts.


  • Feel the Nitro Boost in you.

    Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done

  • Beyond Boundaries

    VO2 max., which determines maximal Oxygen consumption, is the gold standard indicator of aerobic fitness.

    dhamaSPORT improves blood flow to exercising muscles which increases Oxygen delivery and metabolic by-product removal.

    So dhamaSPORT increases endurance and efficiency of the body when exercising.


    dhamaSPORT is changing the training and performance of athletes. Now, it's no longer about reaching a goal. Now it is about reaching well beyond that, a new horizon, an unknown level in the game.

  • Maximize the Burn !

    dhamaSPORT wristband enhances calorie burn



  • Get fitter, faster

    High body temperature causes fatigue, which decreases or disrupts performance.

    The more energy an athlete's body puts into maintaining their body temperature at a safe level, the lower the risk of muscle damage or loss of endurance.


    Because dhamaSPORT makes wearers feel cooler, they are able to push themselves harder during exercise.

    Corresponding to the higher intensity of exercise, dhamaSPORT users also expend more energy during the exercise session – translating to more calories burned.

  • Beat the heat - get recharged

    Post workout, dhamaSPORT accelerates recovery and helps restore the body, reducing muscle fatigue and pain, which helps the athlete recover faster.


    Recovery in Firefighters

    dhamaSPORT improves recovery of heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, core temperature and reduce fatigue and thermal stress.













  • Body Heat extinguisher

    Heart Rate Variability is an indicator of athlete stress/ recovery from stress
    Read what this Fire & Rescue Chief had to say

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    US Patent : 8397518

    User-controllable temperatures between 38°F(4°C) to 140°F(60°C) at the touch of a button.

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  • Tap to change level

    Cooling Temperature 7~14°C

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    High Cooling


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    Medium Cooling


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    Low Cooling


    dhamaSPORT used in Rio Olympics by runners to accelerate recovery
  • Jeff Evans; CrossFit Games Athlete

    “Getting lean and mean! I can’t remember the last time I have done some heavy snatches like that. The last two months I have been focusing on more DBall, Yoke, Deadlift, GHD Situps, and T2B to strengthen my core. Down 17 lbs and still banging 305# out! Been working out 18 days straight with no burn out. And this was after the other stuff I just posted 10 min rest between each part. “];l..

    [Photo of him wearing band] “About to hit this 4 mile TT...had to bring out the secret weapons. I’ll have more info soon on this. Been testing it for a while before I posted anything.”

    Christopher Negoescu; CrossFit Games Competitor

    “Love it.”

    “Awesome WOD tonight and so happy with my dhamaUSA cryoband. This new technology is amazing.”””

    “I’ve been using my dhamaUSA band for four days before I crossfit and olylift. This band will truly make you dance!”

    Christine Kennedy; Professional Distance Runner

    "As a masters women's runner, time is of the essence. In November, 2015 I added a sixth crown to my wins, running a 1:27:26 half marathon while wearing dhamaUSA's latest product - dhamaSPORT. My time was 15 minutes under the old course record for women in my age division. Not once did I become overheated, and by mile nine I felt just as refreshed as I did during mile two! The day after the race I felt as if I hadn't even run, due to the product's amazing recovery benefits. dhamaSPORT has become crucial in my recovery plan, and it enhances all of the aspects I rely on for success. I can't rave enough about this product and encourage all my friends to test it out for themselves."

    Bobby Bode; NCAA National Champion & Professional Golfer

    “I love the dhamaSPORT wristband while I am playing golf and practicing. It helps me keep my stamina up for those last couple holes.”


    Diana Greene; Cloud9World Director

    “I have used the band twice. My first time was during a barbell strength class wear I wore it the entire time. This is not a high intensity class so your heart rate stays pretty consistent but does fluctuate when doing whole body movements. As I progressed through the class, I increased the cold temp and found it to provide me with energy. The heat being drawn from my body was very apparent. The second time I used it was after a kickboxing class. I immediately put it on for about 45 min after my workout. Immediately I felt the heat being drawn out and felt great afterwards.I would like to try it in a hot yoga class and again in some other HIIT classes. Hope that’s helpful.”

    Kelvin Sheppard; Miami Dolphins Linebacker

    “I definitely feel the difference after a workout or half, the dhamaSPORT helps me recover fast for the second half”)

    James Townsend; Ex NFL Wide Receiver

    “I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t try the DhamaSport, I can feel and see the difference, great stuff.”

    Paul Tyson; Professional Runner

    “used the sport during my second leg of my full marathon and with a head wind I actually outpaced my first half times. Really felt a difference in my fatigue and body temp. Thanks for the demo and can't wait to have my own.”

    Bill Stronger; Tennis Player

    “I bought your band a couple of days ago at the Delray beach Open. Interestingly, I didn't perspire through my shirt today. Which is really strange and that didn't happen two days in a row. This may be working better than I expected.”

    Christen Wags; CrossFit Games Athlete

    “Overheating is often my limiting factor in workouts, which negatively affects my performance. I have had several heat-related injuries in the past from military training and personal endeavors, leaving me more susceptible to the effects of heat. I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to try out the dhamaUSA dhamaSPORT thermoregulatory wristband at Wodapalooza, and I’ve been using it in my training ever since! The wristband cools my core temperature during and after workouts, which makes me feel mentally and physically strong.”

    “I absolutely love the dhamaSPORT and the increased drive I have in my workouts while wearing it! After using dhamaSPORT for the first time, I was absolutely hooked! I feel physically stronger and more resilient in longer workouts where I typically would feel fatigue and nausea.”

    Brian Barthule; Professional Body Builder

    "As a professional body builder I am always looking for an edge and a way to recover faster so I can push myself to the limit and grow every single day. After using the dhamaSPORT wristband, I found that no matter what workout I did the previous day, I was always 100% recovered by my next workout. I will continue to use dhamaSPORT even during my show prep so I can recover faster and keep my strength up for each workout."

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