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    US PATENT : 9272647

    Joint technology Patent with general motors

    Now control the temperature of your seat.

    Envelop yourself in a cocoon of comfort.

  • What is the dhama comfort seat?


    dhamaCOMFORT is a temperature controlled seat that is connected to the vehicle's battery

    with both heating and cooling capabilities and user controllable discrete temperature levels in either mode.



    Strategically located cooling/heating points for maximum relief.


    Height adjustable to suit everyone


    Easy user-controlled settings


    Plugged into the vehicle's battery. Zero impact on Mileage.

  • instant heating and cooling at the touch of a button

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Strategically located cooling/heating points for maximum relief

  • What We Do

    Heating and Cooling on demand for any vehicle seat


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    Thermacool OEM-integrated driver comfort seat

    Integrated Cooling/Heating for drivers of Trucks and Buses where the drivers' cabin often has no A/C.

    • This is a viable solution that can be integrated at an OEM level, already being implemented by three leading OEM truck manufacturers after passing their stringent and thorough testing procedures.
    • The seat has absolutely no impact on mileage, unlike A/C s
    • It has been proven to reduce driver fatigue which is a major cause of motor accidents and loss of life involving trucks and buses. 
    • When implemented in the back of the seat, drivers have stated that it eases their back pain, allowing them to drive for longer with more alertness. When implemented in the bottom of the seat, drivers suffering from Piles and other health concerns have claimed great relief.
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    Thermacool bike comfort seat

    Comfort for bike seats as never before

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    Thermacool bike comfort seat

    Comfort for bike seats as never before, concealed

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    Thermacool industrial driver comfort seat

    Inbuilt comfort for drivers of heavy machinery (Cranes, Tractors, contruction equipment, etc.)

    Welcome and easy customization for drivers of heavy and construction machinery which have very little driver comfort and often harsh temperatures

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    Thermacool commercial passenger comfort seat

    Inbuilt temperature control system in commercial passenger vehicles

    Inbuilt temperature control for passenger comfort in commercial vehicles.

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    Thermacool personal car comfort seat

    personal four wheeler seat

    A portable seat that can be plugged into the charger port of your car. A heated/Cooled seat with three temperature levels in each mode. Especially useful in increasing the efficiency of Electric Vehicles.

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    Thermacool portable stadium comfort seat

    portable seat for comfort anywhere.

    Rechargeable and lightweight. A comfortable cushion seat for one, a perfect companion for your favorite live game, no matter the weather.

    Heated/Cooled with three levels in each mode.

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    Thermacool integrated multi utility vehicle comfort seat

    For multi utility vehicles

  • technology

    Climacon® cooling units embedded into the seat at strategic locations.

    Super efficient yet silent operation

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  • Operation

    User controlled settings

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    Fuel Efficient

    Turn OFF AC and switch to ThermaCool Comfort to save fuel

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    ThermaCool Comfort uses patented thermoelectric technology which is completely eco-friendly with zero global warming potential.

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    Multiple Use

    ThermaCool Comfort can be used with any seat in any vehicle. It can also be used in Office or Home Chair.

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    Plug & Play

    ThermaCool Comfort does not require any installation inside seat . Just plug it ON and it is ready to cool or warm you.