Thermoelectric cooling heating seat cover

    US PATENT : 9272647

    The first ever temperature controlled seat cover that helps you relax while driving.





  • Instant Cooling or Heating Relief

    Thermoelectric cooling heating seat cover

    Thermoelectric Climate Control Design

    Thermoelectric cooling heating seat cover
  • seat cooling thermal image


    seat heating thermal image


    seat cooling

    Strategically located cooling/heating points for maximum relief



    seat cooling

    Height adjustable to suit everyone

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    seat cooling

    Easy user-controlled settings

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    Plug & Play

    ThermaCool Comfort does not require any installation inside seat . Just plug it ON and it is ready to cool or warm you.

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    Multiple Use

    ThermaCool Comfort can be used with any seat in any vehicle. It can also be used in Office or Home Chair.

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    ThermaCool Comfort uses patented thermoelectric technology which is completely eco-friendly with zero global warming potential.

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    Fuel Efficient

    Turn OFF AC and switch to ThermaCool Comfort to save fuel

  • Variants

    ThermaCool Comfort Seat Cover comes in two variants

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    ThermaCool Comfort (4P)

    ₹ 9,999

    • Strategically located 4 cooling/heating points
    • Low power consumption ~ 15 W
    • Light weight ~ 1500 gm
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    ThermaCool Comfort (6P)

    ₹ 12,999

    • Strategically located 6 cooling/heating points
    • Low power consumption ~ 35 W
    • Light weight ~ 1700 gm
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